Palaigua is a company located on the Island of Tabarca whose philosophy is to share with our customers unforgettable experiences in maritime environments of great beauty, revealing the richness of our Mediterranean environment and also transmit the need to appreciate and respect it. These experiences come from practicing the three modalities we offer: Stand Up Paddle (colloquially called Paddle Surf), Kayak and Snorkel. With these activities, we try to show who will accompany us the beauty of the environment in which we move, either from the perspective in height provided by the Paddle Surf, seated in the Kayak or the underwater view, with the Snorkel. All this is linked to the interesting experience of sharing with new people, while enjoying healthy sport and beautiful views.


The Palaigua team consists of two paddle surf and surf monitors, with extensive experience in water sports, including snorkeling and sailing. We also have the help of a colleague trained in administration and advertising who will kindly answer any question or question you may have. We encourage you to visit us and enjoy our services!

For any doubt or question, you can contact us or reserve our activities through this website, our WhatsApp (+34 675 750 763) and from social networks.

Sincerely, The Palaigua Team