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In Palaigua we provide all the information you need to know about the Paddle Surf, Snorkel and Kayak activities that we organize on the island, book these activities online quickly and easily, find selected information about the island of Tabarca and the different activities We organize In the same, the transport and schedules available to arrive to the island … and much more!

If you do not find in the web the information that you were looking for you can contact us on the phone +34 675 750 763 (answered whatsapps) Or visit us at our place located in Plaza Gran Tabarca, number 20 on the island of Tabarca.

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Snorkel in Tabarca

snorkel tabarca palaigua reserva online

The Snorkel is ideal to practice in Tabarca as the island has some underwater backgrounds of great beauty and richness, both flora and fauna. In addition, its waters, always crystalline by the type of grain of sand, heavy and thick, that is shaken very little by the currents, turn this place into a whole sanctuary of the snorkel or the diving.

You can choose between the two options mask, the usual (glasses and tube) or the new Easybreath panoramic view masks that cover the entire face and allow breathing through the mouth or nose and even speak underwater. Easybreath masks are available in sizes M and L.

We also offer comfortable and quality adjustable fins.

The ideal team to enjoy an amazing underwater world full of marine species. Are you going to miss it?

Kayak in Tabarca

kayak tabarca palaigua reserva online

The ease of use of the Kayak and its comfort allows to make long crossings in the Island of Tabarca by the powerful and constant paddling that provides the double paddle. This same feature allows this sport to be practiced by people older than Paddle Surf, which requires more balance and certain physical conditions.

It can also be used by people with non-severe motor disabilities. It can be used by two people at a time, if the one sitting or lying down is a boy or girl of seven or 10, from 10, you can use your own kayak. The views you have from it, even when sitting, are also very interesting. When there is a breeze, you can even sail with small kayak sails simply and without experience. Easy, comfortable and for all ages and levels.

Paddle Surf in Tabarca

paddle surf tabarca palaigua reserva online

The Paddle Surf that we practice in the Island of Tabarca is an affordable sport from an early age until they see with strength, for many levels and physical conditions. Complete sport in which balance and coordination work. From the view in height that you have when practicing it, you can observe the submarine bottoms very easily, to see the rocks, algae and even marine fauna, besides the views in the distance.

In addition, the smooth and steady paddling that requires, allows to have conversations with your group companions. A healthy and socializing sport that offers new visual and sensorial perspectives.

Do not miss it!